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February 16, 2023

With Some Of Utah’s Roofing Contractors, These
Simple Practices Are NOT Standard Procedure

Common Sense Is Shockingly Rare In The
Wasatch Front Roofing Community

Like most Utah homeowners, you probably have basic expectations for your roofing contractor: a sturdy new roof, fair pricing, and as little intrusion in your life as possible.

But for many of Utah’s roofers, that’s just too much to ask. Some of the decisions they routinely make will shock you, while others will leave you simply shaking your head.

The result, of course, is the terrible reputation held by the home contracting industry and the roofing field in particular.

At MyRoof, we feel that it’s our job to take that bad rep and turn it on its ear, and the first thing we did was engage in a little common sense.

Inspecting Your Roof FROM The Rooftop

To inspect anything with a skilled eye, common sense demands that you get as close as you can to avoid missing the details.

When it comes to your roof, there is little that can be discovered from your sidewalk, even with binoculars or a drone. While it’s possible to see some details with these tools, nothing beats getting on the roof and walking around.

At MyRoof, unless your roof has a dangerous pitch or is otherwise impossible to walk, your Project Manager (PM) will spend most of their visit on your roof performing a thorough inspection.


Because looking at drone or satellite images won’t tell them if you have soft spots in your decking or small cracks in your flashing.

So, when they come to your home, they say a quick hello and then scamper on up to your roof. After all, their job is to give you solid advice, which they can’t do until they’ve located the source of your troubles and identified all other issues with your roofing system.

Once they have all the answers they need, your Project Manager will climb back down and tell you what they’ve found.

If you need a simple repair – they’ll tell you.
If you need a new roof – they’ll tell you.
If you need nothing we offer – they’ll tell you.

And when they’re done speaking with you, you’ll have the knowledge, data, and advice necessary to make an informed decision and a full 30 days to make up your mind.

We Keep Our Word – Even When It Hurts

It is commonly held that honesty in all things is an important trait for a thriving business, and we could not agree more.

This is why we expect your Project Manager to spot every problem we need to address when installing your new roof. If you have soft decking, it needs to be mentioned in your contract as part of the bid.

And not in vague terms like “replace soft decking,” either. It needs to be laid out in exact detail. “So many panels at so much per panel, including labor,” is what we expect to see in our contracts.

Why do we insist on such specificity?

Because if your PM accidentally misses a small section of decking that needs replacing, that’s on us – not you. We won’t come to you with a revised bill; we’ll just handle it and move on with the installation.

However, if we overestimate the number of panels that need replacing, the unused panels (and labor) are deducted from your final bill.

Outside of changes you request or the discovery of major structural damage, we’ll never alter your final bill – unless it’s to charge you less.

Treating Your Home With Respect

While relatively brief, installing a new roof can be a major trial for most homeowners. So it just makes sense to limit the hassle as much as possible.

While we can’t do anything about the noise, we can warn you about the noise levels beforehand and advise you on the best way to protect pets and small children from being frightened.

And no, we can’t relocate your deck or grille, but we can put tarps over them and do our best to direct debris away from those areas.

And sure, tearing down a roof is messy work, but we pay crew members whose only job is to get the mess into the dumpster almost as soon as it touches the ground. We take things a step further by using only rubber-wheeled trailers that won’t damage your driveway.

We are also constantly sweeping the area with magnetic brooms to ensure none of the 20,000+ nails we pull out of your roof are left behind. Then, at the end of the day, we take the dumpster with us rather than leave it in your driveway.

Every step of our process is designed to turn a loud and invasive activity into one that is as pleasant as possible.

All it takes is a bit of forethought and a touch of respect. Simply put, if we don’t like it at our home, we won’t be doing it at yours.

If you need the roof on your Wasatch Front home inspected and want answers from a roofing contractor who treats you with respect, contact us at MyRoof for a free estimate.

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