Real Warranties Don’t Scare Us

February 16, 2023

How We Offer The Best Home And Business
Roofing Warranties In Utah. HANDS DOWN!

Our Secret For True Lifetime Roofing Protection?
Products, Precision, And Project Managers

When it comes to your Utah home or business, one thing your replacement roof must have is a quality long-term warranty.


Because you want to know that your investment will last and, if something goes wrong, you can count on getting it fixed without having to spend more money.

Now, while it might appear that lifetime roofing warranties are a dime a dozen, the truth is not so simple. For every true long-term warranty, there are dozens that make the claim at the top and render it useless with the fine print.

You’ll encounter little tricks like rapidly depreciating coverage, labor fees, disposal fees, and tear-off fees. In short, fees designed to recoup losses by making you pay warranty contractors to simply do their job.

At MyRoof, we don’t really blame them.

After all, we’ve seen their work.

And if we worked at the same level, we’d want some nice legalese to hide behind, too.

Luckily for you, we’re quite comfortable with our industry-leading guarantees leaving us wide open to future trouble.


Because we inspect thoroughly, use the best products, and install them with unequaled precision.

Exceptionally Thorough First Visits
And Guaranteed Pricing

Our Project Managers – the folks we send to your home for that first visit – are proud to call themselves terrible salespeople. In fact, past sales experience is not a resume booster at MyRoof. And if you’ve ever sold windows or roofs before, don’t bother applying.

Our first visits aren’t about making a sale, though we don’t mind getting the work, but rather an opportunity to educate, inform, and advise. We want to arm you with the knowledge and information you need to come to an informed decision.

To do this, our Project Managers spend time shadowing and learning from senior staff, including our top installers. They spend time on roofs, experiencing all they can, long before they are allowed to knock on your door.

But that isn’t how most roofing contractors treat initial visits. They don’t send Project Managers – they send salespeople.

When you greet a competing roofing representative at your door, you expect them to know roofs inside and out, too. But you usually get former window and car salespeople who know people inside and out and have only a passing familiarity with roofing systems.

They know enough to pull your roof’s dimensions from a satellite image and plug in the numbers. They also know enough roofing terms to keep you interested (or scared) as they work their real magic – convincing you to buy a new roof from them.

They might go outside and take a look at your roof or even run a drone up there for a closer look. But they won’t consider getting up there themselves.

MyRoof Project Managers spend more time inspecting your roof than they do inside your home. They search for hidden problems like soft decking and degraded flashing. They also make certain to locate the source of your troubles before they come back to the ground.

So, when they tell you what needs to happen, they are confident that they’ve covered every issue.

That’s why, when we give you a quote, it won’t change for anything other than serious structural issues or changes you’ve requested. We expect our Project Managers to find every potentially problematic area and address it in your quote, and they almost never let us down.

But if a few weak panels slip past them and are revealed later, we do what’s necessary to give you the roof we promised. We’d far rather ensure you’ll never need to use your warranty than quibble over a few extra pieces of roof decking.

Backed By GAF And Over
100 Years Of Excellence

In 1892, GAF introduced the first ready-to-lay asphalt roofing system – Ruberoid. They haven’t stopped innovating since.

Today, GAF is the largest and most respected manufacturer of roofing systems in North America, and they continue to lead the industry in developing new roofing technologies.

Not every roofing contractor is allowed to offer GAF warranties. It takes years of proven quality before they’ll trust a company enough to allow them more than the basic coverage.

As a Master Elite Contractor for GAF, MyRoof is amongst the top 2% of roofing contractors in North America. The process to gain this recognition takes many years of consistently excellent performance and can be lost in a single less-than-exceptional year.

The reward, however, is worth the effort.

When you buy a Silver or Golden Pledge roofing system from MyRoof, you get the full backing of a century-plus-old, $3 Billion company. If MyRoof were to fall off the planet today, GAF would still honor the warranties we’ve sold – and keep at it for the next fifty years.

Now THAT’S an amazing level of confidence in your product!

So, we can’t help but be just as confident in our installation methods. Our top roofing systems come with 100% coverage against manufacturer defects (that means no silly fees) and workmanship guarantees of up to thirty years.

Few competing roofers have anything close to that much faith in their designs, products, and installers. Fewer still have the comfort of GAF’s full support.

But with MyRoof, you get all that and more. Heck, even our designs are superior.

In-House Engineering

Few roofing contractors ever bother to hire true engineers – and MyRoof is no different.

But not because we don’t have an engineer. It’s just that our engineer happens to own the company, so hiring him would be a tad awkward.

Our founder left the aerospace engineering world to return to the field that put him through school. His knowledge of how air and water move across surfaces and balancing weight and strength allows Jonn to design roof systems that none can match.

And as an engineer, Jonn lives to solve difficult problems. So each roof system we build is designed to withstand Utah’s worst weather. Our roofs outperform all others, whether it be heavy snow, epic winds, or simply the sands of time.

If you are considering a new roof for your Wasatch Front home or business and want one that will outlive even you, contact us at MyRoof for a free estimate.

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