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Let’s face it – like most Utah homeowners, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your roof until problems arise. And when they do, you dread the idea of getting your roof replaced – but you don’t have to!

At MyRoof, our entire process is designed to give you an easy, stress-free experience from beginning to end. Each step is carefully planned and carried out in a transparent, communication-heavy, and efficient manner, starting with our first visit to your home.

A Different Kind Of Initial Visit For The Roofing World

When most Utah roofing contractors come out for an initial visit, they are there to sell you a roof – end of story. They might walk around your home with a pair of binoculars to look at your roof, but it’s a safe bet that whatever they see, the only option will be to replace your roof with one just like it.

When one of our Project Managers comes to your home, their number one job is to assess your needs. So, the first thing you’ll see them do is to set up a ladder to reach your roof.

They’ll then come to your door and hand you an informational packet to explore while they head up their ladder to inspect your roof system thoroughly.

Once on the roof, their job is to expose any problems in your roof system. After noting and photographing the problems they see, they consider the solutions, create an estimate, and email it to you right on the spot.

Learning Your Roofing Needs

After sending you the estimate, they climb down, take more photos of your home’s exterior, and then return to your door.

While discussing the estimate, they will ask you about your reasons for calling and if there are any other concerns you might have. For example, if your home gets too hot in the summer, they will recommend a special underlayment that acts as a thermal break between your roof and the rest of your home.

So, while we certainly prefer to sell new roofs, we take the time to learn exactly what you need to satisfy all your concerns. And if that’s either a simple repair, a new roof, a specialty system, or nothing at all – that’s what they’ll tell you.

And if you need a new roof, there’s a good chance that the old design you have now won’t be the best one for your new roof. Roofs are much more efficient with the new materials and venting techniques available today, so we’ll certainly offer a better roof system than you’ve always had.

A Roofer That Works WITH You

Once you’ve agreed to secure our services, all the pertinent information is forwarded to our Operations Manager, who will work with you to set the installment date. They will send a calendar invite once the date is selected so you can set reminders for yourself.

As installation day approaches, you’ll receive reminder emails with helpful information on what to expect as the material is delivered and even a short video on how to prepare your home.

Before work begins, our installers will walk the perimeter of your home and take measures to protect foliage and any home equipment that can’t be moved away.

Careful Roof Installation

During the tear-down phase of your installation, debris is removed immediately to a dumpster rather than leaving it for the end of the day. Also, power tools are handled responsibly and never left laying around for small hands to find.

As the installation progresses, each step is documented with photos which are sent to our home office and examined in real-time. This step ensures that problems are caught right away and addressed before the next layer of roofing is set.

Once the installation is complete, we do a thorough check around your home to ensure we’ve left nothing behind. With the average roof containing 38,000 nails, you can never be too careful!

Verifying A Quality Replacement Roof Installation

Soon after your roof is finished, the cleanup is complete, and the installers have gone home, your Project Manager will come to do a final walkthrough with you. They will discuss the project with you, ask if you have any concerns, and address them right away if you do.

They will explain your warranty and the steps to take should you ever have a problem with your installation. We stand behind our replacement roofs as GAF Master Elite Contractors and guarantee up to 50 years of 100% coverage for the product and our installation.

Our methods are so precise that even if we disappear tomorrow, GAF will honor our guarantee for the next five decades – that’s peace of mind that only a GAF Master Elite Contractor can offer.

Stop Wondering And Get Answers

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