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While all Bountiful home and business owners would love to have their buildings be as sturdy as Bountiful Temple, few of us get to be so lucky. But even that august building’s roof needs constant maintenance to keep its aura of invincibility, and your home or business is no different.

Oddly, the most important part of all buildings, the roof, is the last place most home and business owners look for trouble. Yet, problems with your roof can turn into problems with the rest of your building in a hurry. Regular maintenance can catch small issues before they turn into structural failures.

But it may be too late for simple maintenance if you already see problems with your roof.

Luckily, MyRoof has your back.

Our roof replacement and roof repair services are the best in the area, with top-shelf products and expert roofers who know all there is to know about your roof system. And, unlike many Bountiful roofing contractors, we don’t treat roof repair calls as leads.

We have one goal – to solve your roofing problems in the most cost-effective manner possible and do so through a stress-free process our clients can enjoy.

Finding A Bountiful Area Roofing Contractor
You Can Trust Isn’t All That Easy

When you look for a Bountiful area roofer, you can come up with multiple companies with ease. But how do you figure out which one you can trust?

You can look at certain things to get an idea of their trustworthiness. Look at their time in business and skip any company with less than five years under their belts.

Then check to see if they offer roof repairs – most don’t.

Third, go through their online reviews. They’ll be easily found on their website if they have a good relationship with their customers. If not, they tend to hide that link.

Lastly, ask about their warranties, especially their workmanship warranties. Those warranties guarantee their installer’s work and directly reflect the company’s faith in their workers.

At MyRoof, our workmanship warranty starts at ten full years and goes up from there.


Because we know that our Project Managers, support staff, installers, and products are among the very best in the business.

Are You Concerned About The Roof On
Your Bountiful Home Or Business?

A clock starts ticking when the roof on your Bountiful home or business fails. Unfortunately, once you spot the problem, that clock has likely been spinning for days, weeks, or even months.

By the time you invite us to take a look, the damage can be extensive, so our Project Managers don’t do their inspections from your sidewalk. They get on your roof and inspect every inch of your roof system.

They know it’s important to find the root cause of your troubles so they can give you an accurate answer. They’ll tell you whether that solution is a full roof replacement, a small roof repair, or something we don’t do.

You see, their first priority is to help you – not make a sale. We don’t mind selling our services, but we’ll never sell you something you don’t need.

With MyRoof, Zero-Stress Projects Are The Norm

When we opened MyRoof, we wanted to bring accountability, reliability, and a dedication to exceptional service to the roofing industry. The roofing industry had been disappointing consumers for decades, and we felt it was our job to provide Bountiful residents with a better experience.

So, we took our beliefs in quality and honesty and used them to shape everything we do.

Our Process

We start with an informative, pressure-free conversation followed by multiple solutions that can accommodate any budget. Then, we keep you in the loop at every step until your roof is completed.

Outstanding Warranties

We offer a minimum of 10 years of workmanship coverage which can be extended up to 30 years for certain products. All our shingles are lifetime shingles backed by America’s largest shingle manufacturer.

Detail Fanatics

It’s the little things that hold big things together, so we are obsessed with getting the smallest details absolutely right every time. We know that the most important parts of your roof are the ones you can’t see.


We never push for signatures – we simply offer answers. Then, we ensure you are never left in the dark during your project. We’ve worked hard to remove every stressor we could from each step of the roof servicing process.

Integrity Is Everything

If we say it – we do it. No exceptions. Our reputation for honesty at all levels comes directly from our company character. Integrity is simply part of our DNA.

Culture Of Excellence

Our installers are some of the most finicky, detail-obsessed roofers in the business. There is no such thing as “good enough” at MyRoof. There’s only “done right” or “do it again.”


The worst thing you could ever do when you discover a roof leak is wait to get it repaired. So we’ve partnered with specialists in home improvement loans to ensure you get the roofing work you need when you need it.

Let Bountiful’s Most Trusted Roofer Install
The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need

Choose From These Services Offered To
Bountiful’s Home And Business Owners

Residential Roof Replacement

Top-notch GAF products installed by Master Elite Roofers. We treat each roof as unique and design roofing systems guaranteed to fit your needs as well as your budget.

Residential Roof Repair

Not every roof must be replaced. If a small repair will allow your roof to perform properly for several more years, we’re happy to get it done for you.

Commercial Roofing

We handle all types of commercial roofing, including TPO, PVC, Mod-Bit, and metal. We also understand our commercial clients’ financial and tracking needs and can deliver the breakdowns you need with the click of a mouse.

Insurance Work

Dealing with insurance companies is never easy – unless you’re MyRoof. We’ve developed a trusted relationship with Bountiful’s insurers and can handle the negotiations for you, so you get the help you need without all the hassle.

Gutters & Gutter Protection

Your gutters help protect your home’s foundation by moving rainwater away from your house. Seamless gutters with leaf protection ensure maximum performance without requiring those risky annual cleanings.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

If you are concerned about the roof on your Bountiful, Utah home or business and want it serviced by a company you can trust, contact MyRoof today for a free estimate.

Stop Wondering And Get Answers

If you are worried about the roof on your Wasatch Front home – we’re here for you.
Contact us at MyRoof Utah to get answers today!

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