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What MyRoof Utah Brings To The Table

Imagine if your Layton home or business turned heads as much as the famous Christmas lights display at Layton Commons Park. It may seem a strange comparison to make, but the more aesthetically pleasing your home, the higher it could be in resale value.

And nothing is more noticeable than your roof.

After all, it is the most prominent and highest point of your home. So it would make sense that in order to turn heads, a roof replacement could do the trick.

But remember – beauty is only skin deep. A successful roof replacement isn’t only about its outer attractiveness. It’s also about having a strong inner foundation and structure that will last for years to come.

To get such a beautiful and structurally sound roof, you need a contractor who is precise down to the nail.

That’s where MyRoof Utah comes in, making not just the standard four, but “six nails to a shingle” our norm. It’s just one of our mottos for excellence in every roofing job we undertake.

We’re Always At The Ready To Take Your Calls
About Your Roofing Needs And Concerns

We understand that exemplary customer service starts long before any sale. That’s why from the moment we pick up the phone, we treat you with deep care.

Our precise nature doesn’t just show in the work we do; it shows in the constant communication we maintain with all potential, current, and past customers alike.

Isn’t it nice knowing that in an industry infamous for poor communication and, worse yet, “no showing,” there’s a roofer who ensures you’re understood?

Does Your Layton Roof Need A Replacement?

A Layton home or business owner might want to consider a roof replacement for an assortment of reasons. Because a roof replacement is such a big investment, many prefer to replace it only when absolutely necessary.

That’s where we come in to leave you confident in knowing you’ll only get exactly what you need for your roof.

Here’s how we do it.

When we first visit your home, we don’t just push a “consultation” with the intention of getting a big sale. Our Master Elite status gets up close and personal – inspecting every nook and cranny of your roof.

This way, our detailed assessment will precisely outline only what your roof needs – even if it means nothing.

We get it – honesty of this caliber may seem weird, especially in this day and age. But believe us when we say – MyRoof’s got your back.

Our Core Values – Fine Tuned
For Zero-Stress Mode

We’ve filled a gap in Layton that’s been needing fixing for years – the need for an honest and reputable roofer guided by a set of respectable core values.

Quality and honesty is the name of the game for MyRoof.

We’ve formed these attributes into a set of core values that’s truly something special.

Our Process

A low-pressure call is all that’s needed to set the wheels in motion. Once we establish your specific needs from the initial call, our team will set out to inspect your roof in great detail – letting you know exactly what your roof will need and nothing more.

Outstanding Warranties

With MyRoof and GAF products combined, a strong warranty is formed. Our workmanship warranties begin at the magic number of 5 years, and, depending on the product, can go up to 30 years. Rest assured knowing that you’re set for a lifetime with warranties like these – especially from GAF.

Detail Fanatics

We like it when our roofs stay on the straight and narrow. Each project, we have our crew take to the tune of 80-100 pictures of each project they complete. This double and triple-check procedure leaves zero room for questions about the job not being completed with excellence in mind.


We know that might sound strange for a contractor to say, but from before the job even starts to after it’s finished, we will stay in constant contact with you via text and voice. This means stress about progress on the project is out the door as you’ll always be in the know.

Integrity Is Everything

From the initial call to the job complete – we aren’t satisfied unless you are. We stand by the work we do, and own up to any problems that may arise.

Culture Of Excellence

If we were to rate our expectations in one word, it would be – best. Everyone on our crew has a proven track record, humility, and a willingness to continue perfecting their craft under the wing of the top 2% talent of GAF Master Installers. In other words – from the best.


Partnering with home improvement loan specialists has proven to be a game changer for our customers unsure about initial cost. With our excellent relationship with various financial institutions, playing the dangerous waiting game to fix a damaged roof is a thing of the past.

Let Your Layton Roof Become A Work Of
Master Installer Craftsmanship

We Offer The Following Residential And Commercial
Roofing Services To Our Layton Community

Residential Roof Replacement

We use the finest of materials – GAF – to replace your roof with stunning results, and with a level of detail other contractors may miss. From avoiding “dead valleys” to offering superior ventilation protection with metal, and not plastic – we anticipate problem areas by avoiding them from the get-go.

Residential Roof Repair

If you only need a repair to get more years of use out of your roof – we’ll do it. Small cracks and worn flashing are no problem for our highly-skilled crew to undertake with as little invasiveness as possible.

Commercial Roofing

TPO, PVC, Mod-Bit, and metal are just some of the excellent material options we use to perfect the roof of your business. Better yet, we’ve digitized our invoicing. All expenses can be inspected in detail at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

Insurance Work

We’ve taken the guesswork out of dealing with insurance companies. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you get the most out of your Layton insurer.

Gutters & Gutter Protection

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but not when it comes to leaves and gutters. Luckily, we offer seamless gutters and leaf protections to keep the water flowing to where it needs to go and without the need for those pesky annual cleanings.

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