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The Eccles Community Art Center is a cherished site by all Ogden residents. It’s a place where we share art, culture, diversity, and ideas. Locations like these aren’t just about the stunning architecture and gorgeous roof. They represent the values a tight-knit community holds dear.

Values such as respect, honesty, integrity, discipline, and excellence.

When a community shares these values and upholds them with importance, it has a trickle effect on surrounding businesses.

Businesses like MyRoof of Utah.

We take our customer relationships very seriously, and it all begins with respect. Not surprisingly, however, being treated with respect isn’t always a given in today’s contractor world.

From delays in work to a complete lack of communication, poor customer service is all too common for home and business owners when dealing with roofing contractors.

But not us.

We know what taking on a large roof repair or roof replacement is like.

That’s why with MyRoof, you’ll always get the respect you deserve – in how we treat you and your time and how we treat not only your roof but your entire property.

Our Clients Get The Respect They Deserve –
From The First Call To The Final Invoice

Ogden homeowners and businesses know that respect is a clear indication of how an overall roofing project will go – and we’d have to agree.

From the first call, our exemplary crew doesn’t just listen, but they interpret your every need and concern. Their attention to your detailed needs readily carries over to our free and extensive estimation process, with your specific needs already in hand.

Our thorough inspection will give us a clear indication of if your roof needs a full replacement or repair only.

That way, you can rest assured knowing we only sell you what you need – even if that means we have nothing to sell you.

This is why we value respect so much – when a project begins with it, the rest usually just falls into place.

Is Your Ogden Roof Showing Signs Of
Needing A Replacement Or Repair?

Knowing when your Ogden roof needs a repair can be difficult to nail down. After all, not all home and business owners are experts in construction, let alone roofing and building codes.

That’s where our true professionals come in. But not just any professionals. You need experts who are absolutely honest with what your roof needs – nothing more, nothing less.

Luckily, this is par for the course with MyRoof. Our Master Elite Roofers will tell you exactly what your roof needs to get up and running again – whether it’s a full roof replacement, or only one nail.

Say Goodbye To Stress With MyRoof Of Ogden, Utah

Our core values go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your complete satisfaction and serve as constant guideposts for our company’s culture and growth.

Our Process

Simple communication is always the right way to kick things off. We begin with a conversation about your needs. And once we know exactly what best serves you, we’ll then tackle the nitty-gritty details of your project, keeping you in the know at all times and without exception.

Outstanding Warranties

Contractors are famous for fine print and confusing warranty “logic.” Not us. Our 5 to 30-year workmanship warranties are a promise of good faith based on the bedrock of our strong moral values.

Detail Fanatics

We treat every project like we’re doing a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. It requires intense focus, patience, and calm confidence. That’s why our installers understand that the smallest details matter, even if you never see them.


Too much communication is never a bad thing with a roofer. When you choose to work with MyRoof, our correspondence is constant. You’ll know precisely where your project stands – every step of the way.

Integrity Is Everything

Words matter. But actions speak louder. Ingrained in all of our customer interactions is a deep sense of integrity. We layer in as many points of honesty in each project as there are layers in our roofing systems by double and triple checking our work at each stage of the process.

Culture Of Excellence

No one gets it right 100% of the time. But that doesn’t mean excellence can’t always be a choice. No matter how many passes it takes, we do not stop until the job is completed to your total satisfaction.


Don’t let issues with your roof fall to the wayside because of concerns about the upfront cost. We’ve partnered with the best in home improvement loans in Ogden to deliver any financing solutions you require.

Treat Yourself With The Premier
Roofer In Ogden, Utah

Here Is Our Exciting Catalog Of Roofing Solutions
For Ogden Homeowners And Businesses

Residential Roof Replacement

Our precision pays off. Master Elite Roofers, coupled with the masters of shingle manufacturing – GAF – install the best roofs that set the bar of excellence in the roofing industry.

Residential Roof Repair

If your roof doesn’t need an entire replacement – we’ll be the first to tell you. We can zero in on and take care of common roofing nuisances like cracked shingles or wear and tear on flashing.

Commercial Roofing

While we often gush about GAF, let’s not forget about PVC, TPO, and high-quality metal. We handle these difficult-to-install types of roofing for our commercial clients with great expertise.

Insurance Work

We’re master roofers who work with master insurers. We’ve worked with top Ogden insurers who help get the best claims possible. These established relationships go a long way in getting you the best results possible.

Gutters & Gutter Protection

You can forget those pesky annual gutter cleanings. We offer a potent combination of seamless gutters and leaf guard tech, ensuring water from your roof ends up where it belongs.

Get The Respect You Deserve From
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