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While we can’t guarantee your roofing project will be as pleasant as a walk in Hardy Park – we come very close.

Part of why our process is so smooth is because we pay great attention to the details.

Details are what separate good, great, and outstanding products. Because when the smaller tasks are done with care and precision, it adds up fast.

This is how we do things at MyRoof on every home or business’s roof we undertake.

We recognize that by not glossing over any detail, thinking the client simply won’t notice, it’s become second nature for us to achieve excellence – every time.

Not All Riverton Roofers Take Your Home Or
Business’s Roof As Seriously As MyRoof

Finding a Riverton contractor who delivers the level of detail that we do is no easy feat. Some roofers may promise an excellent end result but never deliver on said promise.

This is an all-too-common marketing gimmick: claim excellence in roofing only to get the sale, and then complete the roof with average results – at best.

While some roofers may think they deliver exceptional results – we know we do. This is because we work exclusively with GAF as Master Elite Contractors – making us part of the top 2% in the industry.

Our roofers’ attention to detail isn’t just on a job-to-job basis – it’s a lifelong pursuit.

Do You Think It’s Time For Your Riverton Roof To Be
Replaced With A High Level Of Detail?

Our daily pursuit of excellence produces highly-detailed work. That detail then translates directly into the projects we undertake – which we consider to be more than just a roof. We see them as works of art.

You see, roofing is not a “one and done” type of skill. It’s a lifelong path – a path we’re diligently walking at MyRoof. Every roof we complete is forever memorialized in the “Museum of MyRoof Excellence.”

Welcome To The MyRoof “Culture Of Excellence”

We recognized the pitfalls of the roofing industry in Riverton and worked to correct those issues.

Much like how a structure’s foundation is as important as its roof, our core values function as the unmoving bedrock for everything else we do.

Our Process

If there was one word to summarize what we do best to run your project as streamlined as possible – it would be communication. We keep you updated on every step of your home or business’s roofing project through to its completion.

Outstanding Warranties

Our workmanship warranties start at 5 years and go up to 30. And because we use GAF, the nation’s leading manufacturer of roofing materials, you can expect lifetime durability.

Detail Fanatics

Our Master Elite Roofers don’t just get that title for nothing. To achieve such an advanced level of roofing competency, they must be trained on every small detail imaginable – details they bring about in every project by applying this rigorous training.


We’re problem solvers – a skill that’s become a lost art in the roofing contractor world. From your first interaction with MyRoof, you’ll find that we don’t push you to make any decision that makes you uncomfortable. We only offer you the solutions you need – nothing more.

Integrity Is Everything

Everything we promise to do, we do. Plain and simple. This promise-keeper attitude has given our residential and commercial clients hope in finding a roofing solution that works for them.

Culture Of Excellence

Intentional effort is what it takes to become excellent… at anything, not just roofing. Every day, our Master Elite Roofers decide they want to be better than the day before, getting progressively better at their craft as time goes on.


We understand that in order for a project to kick off smoothly, finances must be in order. That’s why we have established partnerships with various home improvement loan servicers, raising the chance of your approval to be at the best rate possible.

Treat Yourself With A Roof From The
Best Roofer Riverton Has To Offer

Explore All Of Our Premier Services For
Riverton Home And Business Owners

Residential Roof Replacement

GAF materials and Master Elite Roofers — this is all you need to guarantee amazing results on any roof replacement. Riverton homeowners and business owners rejoice – MyRoof is here for all roof replacement solutions.

Residential Roof Repair

We’re all about maximizing options and offering only the best and needed solutions. If smaller issues like shingle replacement, pooling water, or poor ventilation can be fixed without a total roof replacement – we’ll gladly take care of it.

Commercial Roofing

Residential and commercial roofing can be two different beasts. That’s why we expertly install PVC, TPO, and metal roofing for any commercial roofing need. Even better, we have digital invoices that make it a breeze for business owners to keep track of expenses.

Insurance Work

We’re master roofers who know the master insurers of Riverton. Not only do we know them, we work with them, meaning you don’t have to. We take pride in negotiating the best deals for our Riverton home and business clients.

Gutters & Gutter Protection

Water and roofing are always contending with each other. And gutters are a needed element to help that cause. That’s why MyRoof installs both seamless and leaf guard gutters – the best annual gutter cleaning killers in the business.

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Roof Made With Excellence

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