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As a commercial business owner in Utah, the last thing you need is a problem with your roof system. A major leak can mean serious money plus, worst of all, downtime inside your building.

While preventing a failure with proper maintenance is always your best option, when trouble does come, you want it solved quickly.

At MyRoof, our business background makes us the perfect commercial roofing contractor. We know that controlling costs and minimizing the impact on your operations are important to you. We also respect the detailed reporting required by our commercial clients, and we have the systems in place to give you the numbers you need.

We Understand YOUR Business Roofing Needs

The founders of MyRoof spent time in the business world before they returned to their roofing roots. They know what you need and how to provide it in a way that suits your goals.

When you partner with us, you will get excellent work and enjoy our outstanding service, too. We’ll never press you into work you don’t need or recommend a replacement when a simple coating can add 20 years to your roof.

Whatever service you truly need to address the source of your roof troubles, we will provide it. And whatever paperwork you require from us to keep your books up to date, you’ll have well before any deadlines that may apply.

We may just be one in a long list of Utah’s commercial roofing contractors, but our dedication to providing superior service to our clients shoots us to the top every time.

A big reason for that is that your Project Manager sticks with you from beginning to end – and beyond. If you have a problem with your roof, even if it’s years down the road, you can call your Project Manager, who will take care of it for you.

Several Types Of Commercial Roofing

The modern standard for commercial roofing is the TPO membrane. TPO is tough, resilient, relatively inexpensive, and far lighter than older technologies. And its light color reflects most of the sun’s energy away from your building, so it’s cheaper to cool in the summer.

We do a lot of TPO roofing at MyRoof, but if you have or want a different roofing system on your commercial building, we’ve got you covered.

Along with TPO, we offer PVC roofing as well. While often considered synonymous with one another, key differences between the two systems may make one or the other more appropriate for your roof. Luckily, your Project Manager has the knowledge needed to present you with the best option.

Since we are one of the few trusted contractors allowed to work on military bases, we also encounter modified bitumen roofing. This type of roofing is also referred to as “torch down” roofing.

Our experience working on torch down roofing for the military makes us a great resource for those with this old-school surface on their commercial roofs.

All Commercial Roofing Services

When you have a MyRoof project manager take a look at your commercial roof, they will come with several available services so they can offer the most cost-effective solution.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Sometimes, something as simple as debris buildup can make your roof leak. With our commercial roof maintenance service, you can say goodbye to those small issues.

Aside from keeping your roof tidy, we also perform a thorough inspection, which can catch things other contractors have left behind. From draglines in your TPO membrane from an HVAC system installation to a poorly reseated boot that a plumber left out of alignment, our inspection will keep these failures from turning into big trouble later on.

Regular maintenance can also protect your warranties. Most commercial roof warranties will have maintenance clauses, and if you can’t prove that you provided professional upkeep, your warranty is void.

As with most things in life, the cost of not maintaining your roof will likely exceed (several times over) the cost of regular maintenance.

Commercial Roof Repairs

MyRoof is one of the few commercial roofing contractors interested in performing small repairs to your roof. Most firms only want to do roof replacements because they are more profitable and require less roofing knowledge.

But we understand that the bottom line is king, and forcing businesses to accept a full roof replacement when a simple repair will do is just plain wrong.

If we look at your commercial roof and determine that there’s an easy fix, that’s exactly what we’ll tell you. We’ve seen other companies recommend replacing a TPO roof when all that’s really needed is a simple coating to cover minor tears and strengthen weak points.

Our goal is to solve your problem in the most economical way possible – not take you for all we can. We see each new commercial customer as an opportunity to build a relationship, and you can’t do that by being dishonest.

Commercial Roof Replacement

When repairs just won’t do the trick, replacement of your commercial roof is your only answer. We offer TPO, PVC, and Modified Bitumen (torch down) roofing to our commercial clients with low-slope roofing systems.

These replacement roofs have life spans between 10 and 20 years, and we guarantee our workmanship for a full five years.

Commercial Roofing Insurance Work

The most difficult thing about dealing with an insurance claim is the paperwork, especially when it comes to commercial roofing.

At MyRoof, our high-tech data collection systems are more than capable of giving your insurer all the information they need in whatever breakdown they require, to ensure that you get the work done quickly.

Our good reputation with the insurance industry in Utah will also help you fight back if the adjuster claims that you don’t need certain repairs. They know that we never pad our assessments with unnecessary work.

So, when we say you need it, they tend to accept what we say even if their adjuster disagrees.

Solutions That Fit Your Commercial Roofing Needs

At MyRoof, we excel at finding the right solution to fit your business needs. Our experience in commercial roofing allows us to offer out-of-the-box answers that will solve the problem without crushing your bottom line.

And with an in-house engineer at our disposal, you can be assured that our solution will last for years.

We don’t see our job as selling you the most profitable solution possible but rather the most cost-effective solution available. With our deep knowledge, experience, and engineering savvy, those answers are often unavailable from any other commercial roofing contractor.

Professional Grade Roofing Installers

While you may see evidence that roofing is the last chance of the unhirable, that isn’t true of the roofers at MyRoof.

Our roofers must undergo an initial interview process that focuses on who they are far more than what they can do.

We know that we can train them into top-notch roofers, but it’s impossible to train someone to be a driven, polite, and conscientious employee. Those features come from within – not without.

Once we have the right person, they go through extensive training before they are set free and only after a senior crew chief signs off on their work.

Our roofers are people following a career, not folks looking to make a quick buck. They know roofs inside and out and refuse to let even the smallest detail get by them. Everything must be done correctly before they move to the next step.

We also have digital oversight of every step of every job. While our Project Managers can’t be at all work sites at once, that doesn’t mean we can’t be on top of things.

Each crew must send us detailed images of each step of the roofing process, which we inspect in real-time for any problems that need to be solved.

In this way, we provide the necessary oversight to every roofing project and ensure that each one lives up to our high standards.

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