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Utah’s Most Trusted Roofing Contractor Can Help
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Don’t Let An Adjuster Tell You What You
Don’t Need To Fix Your Roof Correctly

When Utah homeowners suffer damage to their roofs, their first call is almost always to their home insurance company.

As are their second, third, and fourth calls.

The insurance repair process can often be more frustrating than discovering that your home has been damaged – but it doesn’t have to be.

MyRoof has a long history of working with insurers as one of the most trusted roofers along the Wasatch Front. They know that we never inflate the necessary repairs, so they are more inclined to believe what we say than what some national storm-chasing contractor might say.

If you’ve suffered damage to your roof from wind, hail, or fire, MyRoof can guide you through the process and get you the required solution.

Does Your Roof Have Wind, Hail, Or Fire Damage? No Problem

While wind damage is easy to spot, it isn’t always simple to repair. Roof repairs are generally more difficult than a simple roof replacement. They require knowledge, experience, and a touch of finesse. Our roofing professionals fit that bill and know how to get your needs across to your insurance adjuster.

Damage from hail can be rather tricky. Most insurance adjusters will try to claim that the damage isn’t from hail but from product failures like blistering on the shingles. Our experts know the difference between blistering and hail damage and have the experience needed to prove their point.

If your home has experienced a fire, we know what it takes to return your roof to its former structural integrity. Usually, this type of work is done through a restoration firm. At MyRoof, we have a great relationship with every restoration firm in the area, with many successful fire damage repairs under our belt.

Complete Roofing Solutions For Real Problems

When we inspect a roof that has suffered damage, we do so with an eye toward the future. Whatever we do, we want it to ensure that your roof will continue to perform for years to come.

So, we look beyond the obvious damage to find areas that may have weakened but show no obvious trauma. Finding these issues requires deep knowledge of roofing systems and how they can fail, so we reserve insurance work for our top roofers.

While bringing the aesthetics back to normal might satisfy a homeowner, we know that isn’t enough. Your roof needs to function as well or better than before it took damage.

Let Us Be Your Roofing Insurance Advocate

The roofing industry has a terrible reputation, and no one knows that better than insurance companies. The funny part is that the insurance companies brought their troubles onto themselves by always picking the lowest bidders.

These companies invariably recommend a full roof replacement, so the insurance companies deny claims for a full replacement almost out of hand. When this happens, you are forced to fight for the service you’ve been paying for since the day you closed on your home.

But at MyRoof, we’ve been through this process so many times that most insurers tend to accept our estimation of the damages. They know they can trust us to do the right thing, even if they aren’t necessarily thrilled with the cost of using our services.

They understand that, while we may cost more than other roofers, our assessments are honest, and our work will last. Your best answer to a denied roofing claim is to bring MyRoof into the conversation.

We Stay With You

When a major storm blows through the Utah area and leaves a swath of damaged roofs behind, something worse is bound to follow – national roofing companies. These storm chasers are there to replace as many roofs as possible in as little time as possible.

To achieve this, they create low bids based on low-quality roofing systems and use crews that believe in nothing but speed. And then they disappear until the next storm hits.

MyRoof, however, is a local Wasatch Front company that will be here for you no matter how long you stay in your home.

To us, storms don’t mean a quick buck but rather extra work that we need to fit into our schedule to help our community.

When we work on your roof to repair insured damage, we consider it an opportunity to create a lasting relationship. So, we give you the same respect, the same professional work, and the same enjoyable process and long-term connection that we offer every customer.

Stop Wondering And Get Answers

If you are worried about the roof on your Wasatch Front home – we’re here for you.
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