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When your roof starts to leak, you want — and NEED — a reliable residential roof repair company in Utah right away. After all, a leaky roof can cause all sorts of structural damage deep in your home!

MyRoof Utah is that reliable roof repair company. We have decades of roofing experience, and we know exactly what it will take to fix your roof RIGHT.

With MyRoof’s Roofing Pros, You,
Get Straight Answers — Not Games

For most Utah roofing contractors, a request for a roof repair is nothing more than a lead for a roof replacement. They don’t care (and probably can’t tell) if a simple repair will do the job. All they are interested in is selling you a new roof.

So, you wait for their representative to visit, only to learn that they don’t actually do roof repairs. And all the while, your roof is at risk of leaking more water into your home.

Again, they don’t care.

At MyRoof, we do care. More than that, we know the truth.

We know that nobody is prepared when their roof begins to fail.
We know that time is of the essence with all roofing needs.
We know that not everyone can afford a new roof.
We know that not every roof needs to be replaced.

So, when you call us about a roof repair, we come out prepared to recommend the most reasonable solution. And when that solution is a small repair, we’ll tell you.

Thorough Roof Repair Solutions

Unlike many sent by other roofing companies, our estimators don’t diagnose your roof from the sidewalk. Instead, they get up on your roof so they can take a close look at your entire roofing system.

Sometimes, a major leak can come from minor failures, like cracked flashing, a torn boot, or just old, worn-out caulk. And if that’s all they see – that’s all they’ll recommend.

Their main job is to find the true source of your roof’s failure. Next, their job is to educate you on how your roof works, why what they found is a problem, and what your options are.

Their goal isn’t to sell you a roof. Their goal is to give you an honest assessment of the services you need. Whether that’s a small repair, a new roof, or something we don’t offer doesn’t really matter to us, so long as it’s the truth.

Get The Most From Your Current Roof

Leaks aren’t the only reason to call for basic roofing services.

Perhaps you are planning to sell your home and want to ensure your roof will pass an inspection. Our inspections are at least as thorough as any city inspector’s, and our recommendations will allow you to pass any roof inspection with flying colors.

Or, you may be considering adding solar panels to your roof but want to make certain that you won’t need to remove those panels for a future repair. A solid inspection and some small repairs can get you that certainty.

Will a new roof do the same thing? Absolutely! But spending that kind of money isn’t always necessary to gain peace of mind.

True Roofing Professionals

One reason (besides greed) that many roofing contractors don’t offer roof repair services is that roof repairs aren’t easy. Roof repairs take knowledge and finesse to get right, and most roofers don’t have enough experts to go around.

As Master Elite Contractors for GAF, our roofers are among the nation’s top 2% of roofers, and our roofing repair teams include some of our most experienced roofers in the Wasatch Front and Utah. So, when MyRoof takes care of your roofing repair needs, you get the cream of the crop working on your home.

Guarantees Our Roofing Competitors Fear To Match

If you manage to find a Utah roofing contractor willing to do roof repairs, there is usually not much protection offered on the work they do.

Often, they offer up to one year of coverage but use legalese to limit the costs they’ll have to accept if you need them to come back.

With MyRoof, we don’t use our workmanship guarantee as a legal shield. Our full 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee is a minimum expectation. A promise, if you will.

We fully expect our work to hold up for at least a decade, so it just makes sense to put it in writing. If anything we do fails to live up to our promise, we will return and make it right.

No exceptions!

Stop Wondering And Get Answers

If you are worried about the roof on your Wasatch Front home – we’re here for you.
Contact us at MyRoof Utah to get answers today!

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