Zero Stress

Zero Stress Roof Replacement Process With Myroof Utah Wasatch Front

Our Stress-Free Roof Replacement Process
Lets You Relax And Enjoy The Ride

Instead Of Headaches And Worries, We Give You
Nothing But Great Service And Greater Results

If you were to tell a friend that you’re getting a new roof on your home, one of the first things they’d ask is, “How are you holding up?” They’ll expect you to tell them about all the frustrations and delays you had to live with and, in most cases, they’d be right.

With MyRoof, you’ll never need to worry about ‘getting through’ your roof replacement because we’ve designed a process you can’t help but enjoy from beginning to end.

From the first call, you’ll notice a difference – and by the time we’re finished, you’ll be bragging to that friend about the fantastic experience you just had.

Constant Communication

The biggest complaint about the home services industry is poor communication. We’ve taken that weakness and turned it into a strength.

On the morning of your initial visit, you’ll receive a call giving your project manager’s name and confirming their arrival time. Then, we’ll ask about the roof project you are considering and whether it will be an all-cash, financing, or insurance-based project.

We then take your answers and forward them to your Project Manager so they won’t waste your time discussing services that have no bearing on your situation.

All of this happens before we even knock on your door – and we don’t stop there.

After Your Visit
After your first visit, whether you’ve agreed to move forward or not, you get a text welcoming you to the MyRoof family and laying out what was discussed. We insert keywords so you can find the text later if you wish – most homeowners speak with several roofing contractors before they make a decision.
Our Proposal
Before we leave your home, you’ll have our estimate in your in-box. You’ll also receive copies of any images or videos we took of the project area of your home.
If You Accept
If you decide to accept our proposal, your Project Manager will have the Operations Manager schedule your roof replacement and send a calendar invitation to you containing the proposed installation dates.
Before Installation
As your installation date nears, you’ll get three emails. These will arrive on the 6th, 5th, and 4th day before our arrival. The first tells you what to expect during the installation, the second advises on ways to prepare your home and family for the installation, and the last covers what you can expect once your project is completed and notes the days that your materials will be delivered.
Final Steps
Then, two to three days after your project is completed, your Project Manager will perform a final inspection, answer any questions you have, and handle your payment.

Simply put, we’ve created a communication process that leaves zero room for confusion or feeling out of the loop. Heck, you are the loop – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Zero-Pressure Roofing Consultations

Let’s face it – like most Utah homeowners, you probably equate the quote-gathering process with a trip to the dentist, except without all the fun.

Well – fear not.

With MyRoof, there is no pressure to buy when we visit. Our Project Manager’s first job is to educate you on the ins and outs of your roof system and discover your wants and needs.

Their second job is to inspect – and we mean I-N-S-P-E-C-T – your roof. They climb up there, look at every inch of your roof and take pictures and videos of everything they find. They seek out the cause of the problem and verify that there aren’t any hidden issues that would need addressing.

They don’t stop at just examining the top side of the roof. If there’s any reason for concern, rest assured that they’ll go the extra mile to investigate the underbelly of the roof by heading into the attic to assess its support structure.

After they’ve uncovered all your roof’s mysteries, they discuss what they found and propose the best way to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, all you really need is a small repair – and that’s exactly what they’ll tell you. We never try to push our clients into, well, anything – but certainly not ever something you don’t need.

Whether or not you sign right then isn’t important. In fact, we recommend that all homeowners talk to multiple contractors before they make a decision. For one, it’s just smart practice – for two, we know how we stack up against our competition.

Detailed Roofing Quotes That Stick

While many Utah roofing companies rely on low bids to get the work and change orders to create their profit – we refuse to play those games.

All that work and conversation during your initial visit are why we can offer such detailed proposals. And because we do our homework, our quotes don’t change.

If we tell you it’s ‘this’ much – that’s what you’ll pay.

Our inspection process is so thorough that if we ever run into something unexpected, we usually take the blame for missing it and eat the extra costs needed to address the issue.

We may not be the lowest bid you receive, but ours is most likely the only bid that won’t change after your old roof has been removed. Instead of tricks at the beginning, we let the results at the end (and the accompanying five-star review) get us our next roofing project.

No Fuss, No Muss Roofing Installation

If you’ve ever watched a roofing crew tear down an old roof, you know just how fast we work and the massive amount of material removed in the process. A roofing contractor can make a horrific mess in just a few hours during this phase, and most leave the clean-up for the end of the day.

We’ve never liked that look, and we know homeowners hate it – so we don’t do that. Ever.

Instead, every crew uses a trailer dumpster and employs at least one crew member whose sole job is to get the roof debris into the dumpster as soon as it hits the ground. And before we leave for the night, we all search your yard for anything we missed.

Kind & Friendly Roofing Professionals

Every person you encounter with MyRoof is a highly-trained professional who genuinely cares about your roofing project and your project experience.

When we hire new people, we look for kindness before we look for skill. After all, we are sending these folks to peoples’ homes. Any skill can be learned – but you can’t train for personality. Plus, our skills training is rigorous.

So, when a MyRoof worker comes into view, there’s a good chance they’ll be smiling. And if you approach them, we guarantee you’ll be met with a smile and a true willingness to answer your questions.

We Are The Total Roofing Package

When you work with us at MyRoof – we want you to be blown away. Not just by your beautiful new roof, but by everything you experienced at every step of the process.

We’ve crafted a roof replacement process that focuses on our customers’ needs and routinely exceeds all expectations. In the end, you’ll find that you’re relaxed, pleased, and surprised that everything went so smoothly.

Stop Wondering And Get Answers

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