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The average personnel office in a Utah roofing contractor’s office sees so much turnover that it should be fitted with a revolving door.

Not so at MyRoof!

In the last four years, we’ve lost exactly one employee – and only because they moved out of state.

If you like the idea of a stable work environment and the opportunity for personal and financial growth, have we got a job for you!

Looking For Quality People

At MyRoof, our Utah clients expect to be treated a certain way, and that starts with sending only caring people to their homes. All the experience in the world won’t impress us more than a genuinely kind personality.

In fact, we prefer to hire salespeople with zero experience in the roofing industry. That way, we can show them the right way to approach an estimate call without needing to remove the bad habits that permeate the rest of the roofing industry.

We want people who’ve never seen a need they didn’t want to fulfill or met someone they weren’t eager to help.

A Positive Company Culture

The culture at MyRoof is all about solving problems for others. If a team member is having difficulty with a task, there is always someone happy to give them help and advice.

Each team in our company lives up to the term, with everyone rooting for everyone else to succeed. And the cooperation and support don’t stop there. If one team needs some help, the other teams are more than willing to lend a hand.

The technology we’ve adopted has made it easy to eliminate the confused and scattered atmosphere that fills most offices in the roofing industry. Everyone is connected to the same systems so everyone can be on the same page with each active roofing project.

If a friendly, hard-working, team-oriented culture sounds like a pipe dream but is something you’d like to have in your life – give us a call.

Extensive Training = Personal Growth

We aren’t the kind of company that hands you a clipboard and tells you to get to work. That wouldn’t help anyone, least of all our customers.

We take the time to train our new hires properly, so they can best serve our customers and their own careers. We do our best to ensure that every person we hire has everything they need to succeed.

It just makes sense.

An employee who is prepared for every contingency will offer our customers the most value for their time. They can educate homeowners on roof systems and explain the failure they are experiencing in terms they are likely to understand.

Other companies may rely on tricking confused homeowners into signing for work they don’t understand, but that’s just not who we are.

It’s Not Just Another Roofing Job – It’s A Career

We aren’t looking for stop-gap employees to get us past a rush period. We want career-oriented individuals who want to stay with us for many years.

And we respond to these driven individuals by providing them the means and the opportunities to grow professionally and financially. Many positions are tied to the company’s success, so they do best when MyRoof is providing the exceptional service we’re known for in the Wasatch Front community.

We enjoy bucking the industry trend with a 99.9% retention rate. That number is closer to the turnover rate of most other roofing contractors, where losing employees is a near-daily occurrence.

We like to think our retention rate is proof that we’ve got the whole roofing thing pretty well figured out.

Crewmembers Feel Secure With Weekly Pay

One of the most difficult aspects of working in the roofing industry is unreliable pay schedules. Roofers often have no idea when they will get paid.

A big cause of this situation is roofing companies refusing to pay their workers until they’ve received a check from the homeowner or business receiving their services.

At MyRoof, we don’t play that game. Our crews get paid weekly for the jobs they’ve finished. It can be risky, which is why few companies share our pay policies, but we think it’s a risk worth taking.

Uncertain pay is the main reason that roofers are such a transient workforce. Most roofing contractors don’t care who’s swinging the hammers on their roofing projects, so they don’t care if their crews change from week to week.

At MyRoof, our refusal to offer anything other than the best extends to our installers. So we do what we need to ensure that we employ and keep the best roofers in Utah. If that means paying them regularly, we’re happy to take on that risk.

If you’re tired of not knowing when your next paycheck is coming, and you care about doing things the right way, we’d like to talk to you.

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