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How I Brought Twenty-First Century Technology
And Convenience To Utah’s Roofing Industry

Guaranteeing Our Customers A Stress-Free
Experience And High-Quality Results

From the desk of Jonn Gleave – Owner

When I was young, I used roofing work as my main source of income. Even in my college years, roofing was in my life. But once I got my degree, I was excited to get out of the sun and join the ranks of aerospace engineers.

Boy, was I wrong.

Throughout my career as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry, I’d look back on my years as a teenager working on Utah roofs with fondness. Eventually, the bureaucratic silliness of the corporate world had me wishing I were back on those roofs, feeling the sun and breathing fresh, non-corporate air.

The one thing I didn’t miss about roofing was the sloppiness of the management side of the business. So, when I finally gave in to my need to feel shingles under my feet again, I approached roofing with the same attention to detail demanded by my engineering career and used the digital tools that most roofing contractors ignore.

The Side Gig That Just Kept Growing

When I started MyRoof back in 2012, I treated it as a side gig that let me breathe fresh air and feel the sun on my face.

But the way I approached the roofing process resonated with Wasatch Front homeowners.

They liked being educated about their roof and the source of their problems.
They liked having options, so they could choose the solution that fit them best.
They liked knowing where their project stood every step of the way.
They liked having high-quality, professional installers do the work.
They liked the half-century of peace of mind offered by our warranties.

Before long, Utah homeowners liked us so much that I was able to bid farewell to the aerospace industry for good and put all my efforts into growing MyRoof.

And with the experiences of my engineering days foremost in my mind, I was careful to instill my core beliefs into every facet of the business.

That meant ensuring open communication between departments, a team-based atmosphere, and absolutely none of the bureaucratic foolishness I was forced to accept as an engineer.

Embracing New Roofing Technology

With the technology available today, the days of “guesstimates” should be long gone, but few roofers take advantage of these new methods. Often, their proposals are simple one or two-page bids offering only a brief overview of their plans for your roof.

We use satellite imagery to accurately measure your roof before we even show up, and we have developed several in-house apps to keep our quote system clean, detailed, and precise. In fact, you’ll have an estimate emailed to you before our Project Manager even comes down from inspecting your roof.

And as your replacement roof is being installed, your crew will send periodic images to our main office so we can catch and address mistakes before they become problems

At each step, we’ve developed and used technology to simplify the process, increase reliability, and keep our customers informed.

Protecting Our Culture

We know that we have something special at MyRoof, and we want to ensure that it stays that way. So, we are selective about who we hire, preferring to work a little harder rather than risk hiring someone who isn’t aligned with our way of running a business.

We want people who see roofing as a profession where quality matters and customer service is a major part of their job. We want people who want to grow continuously with the company and do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

An example of this is our Project Managers. Yes, they really do climb up and inspect every roof before offering a proposal, and for good reason.

While you may know why you called us, you may not know the source or the full extent of your roofing problem, and walking around your home with binoculars (like most companies do) is no way to perform a proper roof inspection.

Looking Ahead – More Advanced Roofing Tech

As an established Master Elite Contractor for GAF, we sometimes get to see new roofing technology before it moves on to general use.

We are participants in the GAF “Timberline Solar Shingle” pilot program, which uses solar power-generating shingles mixed with standard shingles to power the home the roof system is protecting.

But we don’t have to rely on GAF for all our technological advances. We will soon have an app specifically for customer use. This new app will allow you to become more familiar with how roofing systems work and let you experiment with different looks for your home’s roof and more.

We’re proud of what we’ve done at MyRoof for homeowners throughout Utah and look forward to providing top-shelf quality and unequaled customer service for decades to come.

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