Integrity Is Everything

Great Results Come From Great Concern Wasatch Front Myroof Utah

Our Core Values Begin With Integrity And End With
A True Dedication To Perfect Roofing Service

We Believe There Is A Right And Wrong To
Everything – And Wrong Is NOT Welcome

Every company’s success is based on their core values. Those with no values outside of making money are impossible to predict and never last long.

We started this business out of a desire to provide homeowners with a positive roof replacement experience. So, we decided we needed to first set the principles that would best serve our clients and guide our company to lasting success.

And with our long experience of watching how not to run a roofing business, it didn’t take us long to list the values we needed to embed into our company’s DNA.

Integrity In All Things Roofing

After decades in the roofing business spent watching the games our former employers (now our competitors) played to make an extra buck, we knew that integrity had to be the core upon which we built our company.

We already lived our lives by this standard – we just needed to turn our natural instinct for honesty into written company policies.

One of the first things our new hires learn is to always do the right thing – even when it hurts. If we leave something off a proposal we should have caught, we take on the extra costs instead of trying to get more money from our client.

As the owners, we hold ourselves to that same level of integrity when dealing with our installers. While it’s common in this industry to make your installers wait until the job is paid for, we don’t think that’s fair.

After all, they’re true employees of MyRoof and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. So our installers get weekly checks, even if we, the company, are still awaiting full payment.

Painful? Sometimes. But it’s the right thing to do.

We’ve found that running a company with integrity foremost in your mind simplifies things. Instead of running reports on potential outcomes, most situations come down to what’s right and what’s not – and we leave choosing the wrong thing to those other companies.

Decisions are faster, and the outcomes are always more positive when there is no hedging or confusion but rather a simple dedication to doing the right thing.

In Roofing, Teamwork = Success

Often, the various departments in a roofing company know nothing about one another except as a direction to point their fingers when something goes wrong.

At MyRoof, we don’t play that game.

While we respect the individual, we’re all just cogs in a machine working toward the same goal – a fantastic new roof for a client’s home. So instead of competing, our departments work closely with one another and enjoy mutual respect.

And when everyone gets along, communication flows freely, and issues get handled before they become problems.

For our clients, good teamwork means their project is stress-free, and the results always exceed their expectations. And for us, it means lower costs, faster production, and a better sense of well-being for all concerned.

Reliability Is The Key To Success In Roofing

Some companies will try to adapt reality to their wishes, but that’s a certain path to failure. Sometimes, we wish the truth were different, but we never fail to recognize a situation for what it is and tell you what we see.

If there is one failure that can sink a company faster than any other, it’s the failure to keep your promises. When clients expect one thing and get another, they’ll tell everyone they know, twice, and even people they don’t know.

And once a company is known for unreliability, its days are numbered.

That’s why we are so thorough during our initial visits – to learn what we can promise and what we can’t. We will never try to get a job based on pie-in-the-sky numbers and outcomes.

If we say it – we do it. PERIOD.

Earning Your Trust As A Roofing Contractor

The reputation of our industry is in such bad shape that we know gaining your trust is an uphill battle. So we don’t whine about how unfair it is – we hunker down and start earning your trust through our actions.

We actively listen to your concerns and dig deeper to learn what you need and want. Then we thoroughly inspect your roof to learn what we need to do to satisfy your expectations.

And even though we know other companies will throw out low-ball quotes to trick you into hiring them for your project, we give you a detailed proposal that reflects the true cost of getting you what you need.

As we go through the process of placing a replacement roof on your home, we are careful to keep our word at every step.

And at the end, when we hand you your new warranty, you’ll see that it lacks all caveats and escape hatches that are so common in our industry. The language is simple, straightforward, and easily understood.

Earning trust isn’t all that hard. We simply need to speak plainly and do what we say – so that’s what we do.

That’s ALL we do.

And that’s all we’ll EVER do.

We Are Defined By The Service We
Provide Our Roofing Clients

Customer service is treated as an afterthought in the roofing industry – but not by us.

Consistency, civility, and kindness come naturally to us, partly because we hire with that in mind. Everyone you’ll meet from MyRoof knows to treat you, your home, and your family with respect.

At MyRoof, superior customer service is why we’re so successful. We didn’t get there by accident, either. We carefully considered all the hiccups that can occur during a roofing project and devised ways to keep them from happening.

And since nobody is perfect, we also planned how to handle these hiccups when they appeared and how to keep the resulting pain from being felt by our clients.

Mostly, it all came down to communication.

Nothing is more upsetting to a customer than not knowing what is happening – so we simply don’t let that happen. If there’s a change, you’re informed immediately. For that matter, if things are on schedule, we’ll tell you that, too.

After eliminating that issue, the rest was easy.

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