How To Spot (And Avoid!) ‘Bad-Boy’ Roofers

February 16, 2023

How To Spot Utah’s “Bad Boy” Roofing Contractors
– And Why You Should Avoid Them At All Costs

They Promise Much, Deliver Little, And Always
Demand Far More Than They’re Worth

Let’s face it – like most Utah homeowners, you’ll probably only deal with replacing your roof once in your life (if you pick the right contractor). So, it makes sense that you likely don’t know what makes a good roofer good or a bad roofer bad or why it’s all that important.

For starters, over 90% of all roof leaks are the result of sloppy installation, mismatched materials, or both. Worse, the most devastating mistakes hide beneath your shiny new shingles – where even an expert roofer can’t find them.

The only way to avoid early roof failure is to be certain that your contractor isn’t just on the up and up but knows their business inside and out.

If you do a little research and watch for red flags, it’s easy to separate the good from the bad and ensure that your new roof will be the last you ever have to buy.

Listen To Your Community

Your friends and neighbors can be a good starting point. They’ll either have personal experience with different roofers or have heard stories from others. But your best source for roofing contractor reviews will be the internet.

Bad roofers tend to collect bad reviews, and the worst ones make those reviews almost impossible to find. If you’re considering a roofer and they don’t feature their reviews on their website, they’re likely hiding a bad score.

If their reviews are easy to locate on their site, you can take that as a good sign. But don’t just rely on what you see on the website. Sometimes, bad reviews are filtered out via software so that you won’t get the full picture.

Once you find a contractor that seems like a good candidate, look them up on other review sites like Google or Yelp. As you scroll through the results, check that the reviews are recent. Sometimes companies can change hands, resulting in a turn for the better, or the worse.

And look for trends in the reviews so you can ignore the outliers. Often, the most exuberant and angriest reviews are poor reflections of reality. But if you take the time, you’ll get a sense of a contractor’s overall performance after reading the comments left by a dozen or so recent customers.

Using this process as your first step makes the next bit easier since you’ll have narrowed the field down to just a few roofing companies.

Demand R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Once you’ve selected the roofing contractors you consider trustworthy, pay close attention to how they treat you when you contact them. They should, at every step, treat you, your home, and your time with the utmost respect.

Any company you trust should fall on the right side of each of the following questions:

Did you speak to a person or a machine?
Were they flexible in scheduling your free estimate?
Did they give you a small window for your appointment, or did they just say they’ll be there sometime in the morning or afternoon?
Did they arrive on time or at least contact you if they were running late?
Did they get on your roof and perform a thorough inspection or just stand in your yard and make a show of looking upward?
Did they take the time to educate you on basic roofing, explain the source of your troubles, and offer options, or did they just state that you need a new roof?
Did they offer a fair price right away or instead give you an outrageous number and then start cutting it down with fake discounts?
Were they more focused on solving your problem or getting your signature?
Did they, at any time, make you feel uncomfortable in your own home?

You should never feel pressured into making an on-the-spot decision. And when it comes time to make that decision, you should feel that you’re making an informed decision.

With a MyRoof Project Manager, you’ll discover that they spend the majority of your visit inspecting your roof. They know their first duty is to discover why you’re having problems and give you the information needed to fully understand the situation.

And if they discover that all you need is a simple repair or that you don’t actually need our services – that’s what they’ll say. Helping you is what they are all about, though they don’t mind making a sale.

But selling is always secondary to giving you the answers you need.

Once you are fully informed about the situation, they’ll give you a proposal that’s good for thirty days. Then, they’ll bid you a good day and leave for their next appointment.

No creepy hanging around, no “just-for-you” discounts, and absolutely no pressure to sign.


Don’t Accept Vague Contracts

Once you receive a contract from your potential roofing contractor, take a close look at each line item.

Roofers often specify a product type but fail to name the exact product. This odd method isn’t a mistake but rather a well-planned practice. There can be a world of difference in quality and cost from one manufacturer to the next, and vague line items are a way to hedge their bets.

While you may have visions of top-quality underlayments and the latest in water-blocking technology in mind, your contract may say different. If your contract just says “underlayment” and “ice and water shield,” you’re likely in for some disappointment.

You should always ensure that your contract specifies the brand and type, if not the exact model number, of every one of the materials that will go into your new roof. And if they aren’t written down – DO NOT SIGN.

Remember that once you sign, the contract is all that matters. Regardless of what’s been promised, it isn’t binding if it isn’t in writing.

MyRoof always offers detailed contracts stating precisely what will be installed on your new roof. Each contract is based on your exact needs and includes every decision you’ve made.

The ONLY time we will go outside the bounds of your contract is if we discover a problem we should have caught during the estimate. In most cases, we’ll simply take care of it without additional costs to you.

Like our Project Managers, MyRoof’s first duty is to solve your problem in an efficient, cost-effective manner that gives you the best possible results. If it costs us a little extra to ensure your roof will last for decades – so be it

If you need help with the roof on your Utah home, give MyRoof a thorough once-over. Then, if you like what you see, contact us for a free estimate.

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