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February 16, 2023

We’re Utah’s Most Trustworthy Roofer Because Our
Integrity Comes Before All Else – Even Sales

No Games. No Gimmicks. Just Straight Answers,
Honest Advice, And Stunning Results

If you are considering replacing the roof on your Utah home, you’ve likely received warnings from your friends about unscrupulous roofers. Sadly, there’s plenty of roofing contractors that continue to give the trade a bad name.

From ever-changing quotes to slip-shod work and final bills full of surprises, you probably all but expect to be disappointed by the roof replacement process.

Luckily for you, we created MyRoof to end those practices and repair the reputation of the roofing industry.

Terrible Salespeople = Great Project Managers

Your friends and neighbors are probably full of stories about creepy salespeople who offer little more than pressure to sign on the dotted line. Sometimes, they simply refuse to leave. Others will come up with crazy numbers that they slowly chip away at with one discount after another.

“You’re an accountant, you say? What luck! Today is our annual accountant day when anyone in the field gets a 20% discount!”

“It’s guys named Todd day! Lucky you!”

Nobody truly believes them, but as the numbers fall, the pressure to hang onto that alleged discount gets harder to ignore.

At MyRoof, we don’t play those games. We purposely avoid hiring professional salespeople to act as our Project Managers (PMs) to ensure those tactics never get used. They take pride in being terrible salespeople because selling isn’t their primary goal.

Now, of course, our PMs don’t mind selling a job, but it has to be the right job. And to do that, they must know roofs inside and out. Also, unlike most who’ll come to your home for an estimate, our Project Managers get on your roof and inspect every inch.

When they complete their inspection, they’ll know your troubles’ true source and how they need to be addressed. But instead of pressuring you to sign, they simply lay out the facts, explain what they mean, and show you the best solutions.

In short, they are there to educate, inform, and advise you – even if that advice is that you don’t need a new roof.

They’ll offer one quote, good for thirty days, that represents the best possible value for that day.

That’s it. No discounts for ‘Todd Day’ and zero pressure to sign.

And if costs rise faster than expected during the 30 days your quote is active, that’s our tough luck.

At MyRoof, we keep our promises. Always

Clear And Precise Proposals

There’s a game many roofing contractors play that can open you to all kinds of surprises – detailed yet meaningless contracts. They’ll promise you architectural shingles but not name the brand. Or they’ll itemize activities, like waste removal, that are simply part of the job.

Call us crazy, but we don’t like to play games.

Our contracts outline precisely what we intend to do and which materials we intend to use. We follow our contracts to the letter except when there’s a need to do extra work. If your Project Manager accidentally missed a spot of decking that must be replaced, we take care of it.

And except in cases of major structural issues, such as hidden mold or rotten timber, or changes you request after the fact, we’ll never adjust your final bill upward – though we’ve been known to lower it now and again.

With MyRoof, you’ll sign knowing exactly what you’re getting, how much it will cost, and which warranties will apply once the job is complete.

We Are Always Learning How To Be Better

As it is with any industry that offers quotes, not every Utah homeowner we visit decides to accept our proposals. When this happens, we don’t rail against the unfairness of it all. No, we instead use it as a learning experience.

Sometimes, there is nothing to be done. Perhaps the homeowner simply can’t afford or doesn’t want a high-quality roof. We see this most often with those who plan to sell soon or whose property is a source of income. And since we refuse to place substandard materials on anyone’s home, our bids are rejected as more than they wish to spend.

But other times, there are good reasons we lost out. Perhaps the presentation was slightly off, or we failed to consider an aspect of the job that was important to the homeowner.

On these rare occasions, we’ll bring it up in our weekly meeting and discuss how we could have done better. And if we can figure out why the homeowner felt a competing offer was better, we adjust our policies accordingly.

After all, we exist to help our community. Yes, money is nice, and creating amazing roofs is fun, but our true interest is ensuring Utah homeowners get the help they need and the best value for their investment. If that means we need to make a change, we make it.

If you need help with the roof on your Wasatch Front home and want a roofing contractor you can trust, contact us at MyRoof for a free estimate.

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