This Project Scared Away Every Roofer… But Us

February 16, 2023
Case Study

MyRoof Came To The Rescue When Utah’s Other
Roofing Contractors Ran The Other Way

Solving Difficult Problems Is
Just Part Of Our Job

We weren’t the first Utah roofing contractor that Kurt called. Nor were we the second or the third.

We were, however, the first roofer to come to his home, listen to what he wanted to have done, and not run away.

Why were the other companies fleeing this job?

Well, let us count the ways –

  1. The area is difficult to reach
  2. Mixing standing seam metal with shingles is “too hard”
  3. The roof’s pitch is too steep (yes, seriously)

After speaking to Kurt for a bit, we came to the following conclusions –

  1. Somebody managed to build a house from scratch there, so we should be able to get roofing supplies to the site without too much trouble.
  2. Mixing roofing systems is hard but not impossible.
  3. It’s a roof.
  4. We do roofs.
  5. So let’s do this roof.

Kurt seemed to agree with our reasoning and gave us the job.

A Simple Answer That Was Difficult To Achieve

This home, Kurt’s home, sits high in the mountains and endures a great deal of snow throughout the winter. The extreme pitch of the roof is designed to shed snow quickly, but it wasn’t shedding the snow fast enough to suit Kurt.

His answer was simple – make the bottom four feet of each roof section slippery as possible and let gravity take it from there. But he didn’t want to lose the charming look of his shingle roof completely, so he proposed the hybrid system you see at the top of this page.

This requirement is what scared off most of the roofers he invited to his home.

Standing seam metal roofing is installed differently than a standard architectural shingle roof. What is appropriate to place under one is not necessarily what you want underneath the other.

So, combining the two systems on one roof takes some serious planning and a great deal of care. Luckily, MyRoof is all about tackling the smallest details and ensuring everything works precisely as it should.

Success Through Superior Design

Once our design for Kurt’s hybrid roof was completed, we noted one problem that still needed to be resolved.

The gutter system could quickly turn all that sliding snow into massive ice dams, leaving Kurt with bigger problems than the one he was attempting to solve.

So, we found a gutter system that used integrated heating to keep the water flowing even in the harshest weather. Now when the snow hovers over the gutters, it simply melts away instead of collecting and causing trouble.

While Kurt’s needs pushed our engineering to new heights, there was no way we’d ever consider walking away from him.

After all, he needed a roof, and we do roofs.

Kurt had a need, and we had the expertise. Simple as that.

Nothing in our policies states, “We only do easy roofs.”

While that may be the mission statement of many of our competitors, you can rest assured knowing that running away will never be a part of MyRoof’s culture.

If you are having trouble getting a Utah roofer to service your home, or you just want help from the bravest contractor around, contact us at MyRoof for a free estimate.

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